Gate motor repairs| installations| automation in Roodepoort

Telling the difference between which “gate operator” to choose for your gate can be tricky, and the wrong choice can put you into a situation where motor repairs can be frequent and unnecessary.

We don’t have a hourly rate we only have one flat fee when it comes to your gate motor repair.

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Getting a professional out to weigh your sliding gate and measure pulling force will make choosing the right gate motor a lot easier, as well as calculating the amount of cycles your sliding gate will be running daily.


As well as calculating the amount of cycles your sliding gate will be running daily as well as any other accessories you will be running, all these are factors that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a gate motor or “gate operator”.


We are certified for repairs an all gate motors and installations of all gate motors Hansa gate motor products, Gemini gate motors and Centurion gate motors.


If your gate motor is giving you trouble in Roodepoort book us for a gate motor check up. Our gate repair team will do a full check from the battery right into the gear box this comes included with all call outs.


Weekend gate motor repair company is the one thing you need or when you are on holiday we are always open even most public holidays.

Sliding gate motor repairs Roodepoort


Sliding gates offer the quickest and safest movement compared to swing gates. For maximum security a sliding gate is definitely the way to go.We have turbo gate motors that can close big gates in record speed and force to ensure nobody can interrupt the cycle.


Sliding gate motor repairs can be done on site and only consists of around 8 parts on all  sliding gate motors so we are able to strip and replace all parts on site including the parts of the electrical motor itself.


Gate motor batteries have only a 6 month guarantee as a battery can take strain from many different elements including a heavy gate or a gate that opens a lot , all gate motor batteries are different from cheap Chinese makes to the expensive gel batteries.


Always make sure you use the correct battery for your gate motor to reduce and risk of damaging the gate motor electronics.


Gearbox services and oil change is very important for the gate motor and all the moving parts, its better to maintain your gate motor than to get surprised with a costly repair bill.


Centurion Charging unit for D5 Gate motor or Vantage and Vector series we repair and exchange also if your gate motor is moving slowly it might need a charger repair. If you have replaced the battery and the gate works for a while and then stops again the charger will need replacing this goes for all kinds of gate motors.


Gate motor spares available for supply and install in Roodepoort. Limit switches and DOS cables repairs to all makes electronic setup and testing.

Resetting limits and reprogramming remotes we repair all the electronics inside the gate motor including wiring gate motors. Controller cards or PC boards are also available as service exchange


Gate motor not opening with the remote or is intermittent? This could be that the receiver or on board receiver might be damaged and need a repair or replacing. Make sure the remotes have new batteries before calling your gate motor professional.


Common problems that can occur on sliding gates or sliding gate motors in Roodepoort include:


  • Gate stuck or not moving.
  • The gate is making a squeaking sound while moving.
  • The gate can be lifted when in the closed position this is a high security risk.
  • The gate rollers or wheels not moving has ceased.
  • The gate is heavy all gates should open and close with one hand and with a free flowing movement.
  • Gate motor is running slow.
  • Gate motor is not moving the gate.
  • Gate motor beeps but does not move the gate.
  • Gate motor runs but bumps into the stoppers.

Swing gate motor repairs in Roodepoort


Swing gate motor repairs company Roodepoort, all the parts we service include pc boards for all makes of swing gates Domestic swing gates repairs and installations and industrial/Complex swing gate Motor repairs also done.


Repairs to swing gates in Roodepoort usually come from the gates sagging or the hinges that have come loose or has broken off or the mounting points pull away from the wall which compromises how the gate opens and closes.


Swing gates are usually a costly operation when it comes to repairs or installations as you work with two gates even if you only have one swing gate your controller is standard for two leaf operation so that’s always expensive when working with two motors.


Swing gates if not running smoothly can cause major damage to the motors always make sure your gates are installed correctly to ensure the motors last the longest amount of time.


Smart Gate Motors always sends qualified and fully trained technicians to each job we believe in doing the installations right from the start there will be no need to call another company to fix what we install this is our Smart guarantee on all kinds of gates and gate motors repairs and installations.


Common Swing gate and swing gate motor problems in Roodepoort:


  • Motor does not move.
  • Motors do not disengage.
  • Gate motor running but not moving.
  • Running slow.
  • Only one gate moves.
  • Bangs into the open or closed point.
  • Does not want to set the limits.
  • Controller box beeping.
  • Gate not running smoothly.
  • Touches the ground at any point in the cycle.
  • Gate is not aligned.
  • Rusted gates.
  • Hinges make a noise.
centurion vantage swing gate motor

When does your gate motor need a service or repair in Roodepoort?


When you look closely at the gate motor there should be no oil leaking from any where if you see oil it means the oil is leaking from the gearbox and the gears could be running dry.


On some gate motors the oil leak can run over the pick up sensor and make the gate loose its place so you will find the gate opens and closes in the wrong place or bangs in to the end stops.


If you see oil its time to service the gate motor, we would remove the gate motor open up the gearbox clean out the old oil and what ever is in side and close up again using new seals on the gearbox and re filling with oil.


When the gate motor starts running slow this could either mean the gate motors batteries are running low or are busy packing up. This can be tested by the customer just go buy a battery replace the old one and see if this sorts out the problem or not.


Batteries can last a short period or a long period its depending on the quality of the gate motor battery and the movement of the gate but batteries could be changed as frequently as every 6 months.


No gate motor ever needs grease is you think that your motor or gate needs grease you more than likely need a gate or gate motor repair not a tub of grease.


Areas we service in Roodepoort:
  • Constantia Kloof
  • Eagle Canyon Golf Estate
  • Floracliffe
  • Florida Hills
  • Florida Park
  • Hondeydew
  • Honeydew Ridge
  • Horison
  • Industria
  • Noordekrans
  • Reefhaven
  • Roodekrans
  • Ruimsig
  • Sonnedal
  • Strubensvallei
  • Weltevreden
  • Wilgespruit
  • Witpoortjie
  • Allens Nek
  • Berg En Dal
  • Doornkop
  • Florida Lake
  • Honeydew Grove
  • Honeyhills
  • Horizon Park
  • Kloofendal
  • Lindhaven
  • Maraisburg
  • Olive Crest Estate
  • Quellerina
  • Ridgeview
  • Sandspruit
  • Weltevreden Park
  • Willowbrook
  • Zandspruit
  • Bergbron
  • Cresswell Park
  • Fleurhof
  • Florida Glen
  • Honeypark
  • Horizon View
  • Jackal Creek Golf Estate
  • Little Falls
  • Ontdekkerspark
  • Poortview
  • Radiokop
  • Ruimsig
  • Strubenridge
  • Strubens Valley
  • Terrace Hill
  • Westgate
  • Wilgeheuwel
  • Wilro Park
  • Zonnehoewe.

Gate motor installations| automation| supply in Roodepoort

Only use certified gate motor installers when installing a gate motor if you do not use a certified installer your gate motor won’t be under guarantee. Installing the gate motor correctly will ensure the gate motor lasts.

Residential sliding gate motors or gate operators are only guaranteed up to a certain amount of running cycles per day and should not be used for complex gates, residential gate motors are usually up to 100 cycles per day some even 50 cycles per day if you run the motor more than that the guarantee expires.


Make sure the weight of your gate does not exceed the recommended weight for the gate motor all makes.

If the gate is to heavy for the gate motor suggested pulling load it will strain the gate motor and cause costly repairs.


Industrial or commercial sliding gate motors or “gate operators” are used for heavy duty or high cycle applications for example doors opening 10 000 times a day can even be light doors like at hospitals or shopping centers.


Industrial sliding gate motors also differ in how much weight and how many times a day they run their cycle, so it’s very important to get your gate checked before installing any industrial gate motors.


The best gate motor for any heavy duty gate can be found in the Hansa gate motor range, a great selection of 240v gate motors and can move some very large gates if your industrial gate needs a motor that could move a tank definitely ask about the Hansa motor range we supply.


Gate motors are not just able to open and close, but have many other functions as well like time entry this is when your gate motor only operates a certain remote at a certain time so you can make sure nobody can open when you are not aware like if you give one to your garden service their remote will only open the gate motor on that day for how ever long they take.this is only one of the many functions available.


Centurion D5 EVO sliding gate motor

D5 – Evo, Domestic and Light-Industrial Sliding Gate Motor. The evolution of the tried and tested D5 500kg gate motor for domestic and light-industrial applications. Incorporating battery backup you can bank on, potent push force and an intelligent LCD controller for easy setup.

R 5500 installed.

GEMINI 24V DC Slider (Complex)

Our 24V DC Sliding gate motor is battery driven which gives you backup in case of a power outage. The complete unit is enclosed with a weather resistant lid and has a 1 year factory guarantee, as per the manual, on all mechanical and electronic components.

R 9670 installed.

Nice Hansa Elite 24v swing gate motor

For swing gates with leaves up to 3 m long and 600 kg weight and up to 5 m long and 350 kg weight. Underground installation. Manufactured in South Africa, the Elite offers a tough bronze gear for durability,a steel casing for strength and a 24 Vdc battery back-up system to ensures continued operation during power outages.

R 10 250 installed.

Wingo HI-SPEED swing gate motor

Suitable for single and double swing gate automation, automatically detects if one or two motors are connected. Selectable modes of operation. Fault conditions indicated via audible tones, digital display and status LED. Adjustable motor slow down distance for smoother operation. Adjustable pedestrian opening and auto-close timer and much more.

Single R 6400 installed.

Double R 8850 installed.

Security tips for good gate safety in Roodepoort:


  • Your gate is the first line in home security make sure your gate has been installed with anti lift brackets. And also that your gate motor has a security bracket installed.
  • Make sure you know who works on your gate and that they are fully registered because fitting gate motor parts has guarantees attached to all parts if they not registered don’t use them.
  • Is your safety beams placed in the right place to ensure thieves or unwanted persons do not enter, can they stop the gate motor during operation if you think so let us come look and install it properly for you.
  • Always check something hasn’t been tampered with by the gate motor go the gate so block you for exiting or entering your premises ,like stones placed on the gate track or the motors covers broken for them to access the manual over ride.
  • Is your gate motor where you can’t see it well get our anti tamper alarm installed on your gate motor as soon as it gets movement it triggers the alarm which will make sure you can case them away gate motor theft is a daily crime in South Africa so ensure your gate motor is secure.
  • If your gate opens by itself some thing could have happened to the system or some one got on to your frequency or maybe even you sat on the remote, the best way to lock your motor is with holiday lock once on holiday lock the gate motor won’t respond to remotes ask our technicians about installing holiday lock on your gate motor.