Smart Gate Motors Terms & Conditions

When you call on Smart Gate Motors to make a booking you are agreeing to a legal contract so we have posted a couple of things you might be interested in.

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The call out fee is to cover only the petrol and the assessment of your gate motor, any work carried out from there on will be charged accordingly this will be discussed with the technician before any parts are removed or the job commences further.

Cancelling of a job or quotation


If you have to cancel for any reason this has to be done within 24h of the job and if the technician has left the office to come to you will be charged a fee of R150.

Time on any job


Each job has a time frame allocated to it if we go over the time it will be due to unforeseen circumstances and will be discussed before any further work is carried out.

Parts and guarantees


Installers do not carry the guarantee the suppliers carry the guarantee so if any parts supplied are faulty we will have to return or swap them and the extra hour and traveling will be charged to your account as the suppliers have a walk in return policy. 

Fault finding


Some gate motors or gate motor accessories may have intermittent problems and then to find the fault can be quite challenging so this might cause us to visit one property more than once if the problem persists this will cause us to have to charge another call out.

Unforeseen circumstances 


We can’t always control nature so we cannot be held responsible for ground movements, lightning, power surges, theft, insect’s infestations etc. we will not be held responsible for any of the above mentioned causes.



1. Payment in full is due within 3 days of invoice date.
2. A late penalty fee of R200 and interest of 10% per month from invoice date will apply to overdue invoices
3. All parts supplied and/or installed remain the property of Smart Gate Motors until payment is made in full.
4. If an invoice is not paid Smart Gate Motors has the right to revert all work done to the state prior to us being there including the removal of any parts supplied Smart Gate Motors are by no means liable to any security breach or damage that may result of such act.

Complaints or invoice disputes 


Any invoice or job dispute should be sent by email to: no longer than 7 days from our last appointment. The letter should include the invoice number and the complaint in full and employees details where applicable. We will tent to all issues following legal advice and will revert back by email.