If your gate motor is giving you trouble book us for a gate motor check up.

Our gate motor repair team will do a full check from the battery right into the gear box this comes included with all call outs.

Gate motor service

Service exchange gate motor parts are available for most centurion gate motors this saves costs when your gate motor parts need changing we also supply and install all gate motor service expense parts.


We don’t have a hourly rate we only have one flat fee when it comes to your gate motor repair, we have been in the industry long enough to know every body needs a good technician and company you can call.


Gearbox services and oil change is very important for the gate motor and all the moving parts, its better to maintain your gate motor than to get surprised with a costly repair bill.


Only use certified gate motor installers when installing a gate motor if you do not use a certified installer your gate motor won’t be under guarantee. Installing the gate motor correctly will ensure the gate motor lasts.

Domestic gate motors are for domestic properties only. If you are looking for a gate motor for your business premises we have for heavy duty gates and light weight gates motors available that can take 1000s of cycles.

Only use certified gate motor installers when installing a gate motor.

We are certified for repairs an all gate motors and installations of all gate motors Hansa gate motor products, Gemini gate motors and Centurion gate motors.



About Smart gate motors


Smart gate motors are up to date with all new gate motor technology.

We are a team of gate motor specialists; any gate motor repair or installation is done by a registered technician.


We are able to provide a guarantee on all gate motor repairs or any new installation as all our staff are trained and have at least more than 8 years in the gate motor field. 


Smart gate motors have dedicated teams on the road and have the parts to fix gate motor issues on site.


We specialize in all servicing of any gate motor on site no need to book in the gate motor.









hansa gate motor

Easy Process


Repairs to all major gate motor brands with same day service and guarantee on all work done, with 12 years of experience in the gate motor repair and installations industry.

Installing gate motors the Smart gate motor way will give you peace of mind that the installation was done correctly and by a certified installer.


ET Drive 300 sliding gate motor

A low cost, full featured solution for automating residential gates, up to 300 kg. High speed, strong and durable electric motor.

Wingo Hi-Speed swing gate motor

Powerful and safe. For residential and high-volume traffic areas. Automation of swing gates with leaves of 1 m / 500 kgs up to 3 m / 200 kgs.

Hansa Speedo sliding gate motor

Heavy Duty design for industrial Sliding Gate automation. Soft start/stop facility, LED array and display for indication of gate motor status and much more.